10 Ways To Encourage Good Behavior In Dogs

 10 Ways To Encourage Good Behavior In Dogs 01

 “Everything I know I learned from dogs.” – Nora Roberts 


Every pet parent knows that having a cute furry baby around can be lots of fun. Taking walks, playing, cuddling, being adored, and just hanging out together are just a few of the perks of having a pet. However, there are some things you wish your sweet canine companion would do or stop doing. Don’t you just wish your dog would stop tipping over the trash can or chewing slippers? How about responding immediately when told to stop, sit, or catch?   

Studies have shown that positive reinforcement is an effective way of training dogs to follow rules and commands. Here are 10 ways to encourage good behavior in dogs:  

Regular “we” time  

It’s important to have a bonding time with your pet regularly.  Dogs don’t like being abandoned or neglected by their owners so make sure that you spend quality time together. When your furry baby feels that you really love him then he will repay you with just as much love or even more. 

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No yelling or punishing  

Never yell at Fido nor punish him when he fails to follow your command or got into some mischief. Punishment and scolding can make things worse. Reprimand him but talk to him calmly and let him know that he is forgiven. Dogs are good at sensing their human’s emotions so they will understand.    


Provide mental stimulation  

Stimulating your dog’s mind is essential to his growth. Enriching challenges and activities will sharpen his mind and keep him active and fit. A bored dog is an unhappy dog. Play new games, give him new toys, or take him out to meet new people and pets. 


Reward your pet for good behavior  

Just like people, dogs like being rewarded or praised whenever they do something good. Give him a chewy treat, a gentle pat on the head, or nice encouraging words to acknowledge that he did great. Praising him constantly will encourage him to always be on good behavior. 

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More makes it more fun  

Ask everyone in the family to join in the positive reinforcement training. Tell them to cuddle, play, and treat your dog as you would when you are away. He will learn how to behave well in your absence and treat your family like he treats you.  


Regular exercise 

Everybody needs regular exercise to stay fit. The same with dogs, they need to exercise to stay healthy and stop themselves from being bored. 


Start at a young age  

Teaching your dog while young will make him easier to manage and control as he grows old.  


Follow routines  

Train him to follow your routine and not vice versa. Make it clear that you’re the boss. This will also establish his daily schedule and his expectations. 

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Healthy diet  

Eating the wrong food can affect your cuddly canine’s behavior. Discourage everyone to give him food from the table or give him food when they beg for it outside of mealtimes.   


Be patient   

Training your dog to respond and follow your commands will not be easy. You need to have a lot of patience and perseverance to teach him the basics until he learns. Give him a reward whenever he responds correctly to your call. 


There is no such thing as a perfect pet but with good training, consistency, dedication, and lots of love, your furry baby will almost always be on his best behavior 


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