Tips On How To Give Your Cat A Good Massage

 “To err is human, to purr is feline.”Robert Byrne


A good cat massage can make your furry baby feel relaxed, at ease after being stressed, and have a sense of being more loved. 

Massaging your pets can stimulate their muscles, nerves, lymphatic and circulatory systems that would then strengthen their movement, boost their supply of oxygen, and helps to wash away pain-causing toxins. Here are some tips on how to give your cat a good massage:  

Preparing for the massage:

Light strokes only

Cats love gentle strokes, use gentle motions when giving them a massage as hard massages can be harsh on their body

Keep it short 

Unlike humans, your pet cat doesn’t need long hours of massage to feel good. You can give her a 10-minute massage everyday and she’ll be very happy with it. 

Find the right time 

If you notice that your pet is not in the mood for a massage like when she is anxious, jumpy, mad, or grumpy, wait for her to approach you and ask to be petted. Remember that you shouldn’t give your pet a massage if she has problems with blood clotting, is injured, has an open wound, or if she is in pain.    

Get in the mood

It’s just as important that you are in a good mood when you perform the massage. Cats can easily sense if you are anxious or stressed. Your pet will feel your negative energy and it will affect he mood. She won’t be able to relax and enjoy the massage.   

Look for the perfect spot

A cat massage is all about relaxing and soothing. You should pick a spot where they feel comfortable. The couch, the floor, and the bed are good spots for a massage. Make sure there are no blaring noises and that the spot's temperature is just right. 

Preparing your cat for the massage: 

Massage your cat when she’s not busy

Although cats tend to sleep a lot, they are very busy when awake. They eat, play, use the litter box, and groom themselves. Wait for that perfect time when they have done the things they need to do and are preparing to rest or take a nap again or just woke up.  

Make sure your cat is comfortable

Approach your cat and touch her gently. You can also wait for her to come to you and ask for some petting. If your furry baby doesn’t like to be touched or wouldn’t come to you then she’s probably not in the mood for a massage just yet.  

Speak softly or sing sweetly

Talk to your baby in a soft soothing voice to calm her down and put her in a good mood. You can even sing a soft, sweet, and calming song while stroking her and saying positive soothing words.

The massage: 

Observe your pet’s reaction

If you notice that your cat moves away every time you try to massage her then she might not be ready for it. If your cat starts to purr, blink, drool or fall asleep then she is enjoying the massage. If she bites or scratches you, she probably doesn’t like it. When this happens, let her go and try again later.  

Start slow

Just like any other massage, be it for humans or pets, start slowly.

Begin the massage at your pet’s favorite spot

If your cat loves scratches on her head or under her chin, start the massage there. Begin with gentle stroking motions and observe how she likes it. If she’s agreeable to the massage, you can then slowly move on to the head  

Massaging the head 

Most cats love head massages. Begin by doing circular motions with your palms at the top of your cat’s head and gently move to her temples. You can massage your cat’s ears and the surrounding areas using your fingertips. Again, observe your cat’s reaction to the massage.  

Massaging the neck and chin

After massaging the head, slowly move on to your cat’s neck. Using your fingers, make little gentle circular motions going up and down your pet’s neck and chin. 

Massaging the face

Massage her forehead and cheeks with your fingers doing small circular motions.   

Stroke from head to tail several times before massaging the body 

After massaging your pet’s head, neck, chin, and face, it’s now the body’s turn to be massaged. Before massaging the body, stroke your cat from her head to her tail with little pressure to get her body ready for the massage. Do this several times before you proceed with the body massage. 

Massaging the shoulders 

Slowly rub your fur baby’s shoulder in a circular motion. Place a hand on your pet’s side and give her a good rubbing. With gentle but firm pressure, massage the sides of your pet’s body using both hands.  

Stroke the back 

From the shoulders, move on to the back while still using gentle pressure. With circular motions, gently massage her back and sides.  

Massaging the belly

If your pet is loving the massage, she might allow you to give her a belly rub. Do this gently, you can use both hands if she lets you.

Massaging the chest

If she allowed you to massage her belly then chances are she will let you massage her chest too. Using your palms, massage your cat’s chest with little circular motions. 

Massaging the tail

A cat’s tail is very sensitive so you should be extra careful if you are able to come to this point. Start by massaging the base of your cat’s tail gently and slowly make your way up to the end of her tail. Again, watch out for her reaction. If you sense that she is not liking it, Stop!  

Massaging the paws

Just like the human feet, paws do a lot of work so they deserve a good massage too. Take one paw and gently massage the center of the paw with your thumb. Do this slowly with a little pressure. Massage the other paws as well.

While doing the massage, you can also take this opportunity to do a little health check and inspect your pet’s coat and skin, feel her temperature, check for any parasites, and look out for any lumps or bumps on her skin. 

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