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  • Top 10 Summer Safety Tips for Felines

    Cats love summer! There are more birds and chipmunks to watch and chase. This season may be fun but there are hazards you and your cat might encounter. Prevent overheating with these Top 10 Summer Safety Tips for Felines: 
  • Best Cat Breeds for Your Personality

    There are many kinds of cats. Some are friendly, some are sweet, some don’t want to be bothered, and some just need too much attention. Choose the right companion for you according to your personality to ensure that you and your pet will have a healthy happy relationship. Here are the Best Cat Breeds for Your Personality: 
  • 10 Ways To Teach Your Cat Good Behavior

    Most people think that cats can’t be trained. Cats may not be as responsive as dogs when being trained but they can be trained to have good behavior and stop them from doing undesirable actions. Cats respond well to positive reinforcement when being trained. Here are 10 ways to teach your cat good behavior:
  • Keeping Your Cat Warm in Cold Weather

    Cats don’t need to go out as much as dogs do. They don’t need walks and bathroom breaks so it’s easier to take care of them when the temperature drops. However, even if cats just stay indoors, you still have to take precautionary measures to keep them safe during winter. Here are some tips to keep your cat warm in cold weather:
  • 21 Plants that are Harmful to Cats

    It’s a fact that cats love plants, they love chewing, gnawing, and nibbling plants No matter what the reason is, cats are very much attracted to plants. As a cat parent, you should be aware of the plants you have inside your home or in the garden. Here are 21 plants that are harmful to cats: 
  • Reasons Why Your Cat Won’t Eat

    Cats are known to be fussy eaters and there are times that they won’t eat just because they don’t want to. However, if a day passes and your cat is still not eating then this could be a sign of an underlying illness.  
  • 10 Cat Breeds That Look Like Kittens Forever

    Kittens are just so irresistible! They’re cute and playful little angels that could melt anyone’s heart. Unfortunately, kitten-days are short-lived and after a few months, kittens become adults with established preferences and habits.  Adult cats are still cute but nothing can really compare to big innocent eyes, little whiskers, small tails, and tiny paws that kittens have.   
  • How To Keep Your Feline Feeling Fresh This Summer

    Cats are good at enduring heat, but once it gets really hot, our feline babies will surely suffer. They can easily suffer heatstroke and dehydration, and in severe cases, these could be fatal. Don’t wait for this to happen, here are 13 tips for feline parents to keep their purr babies safe and cool this summer:
  • 9 New Cat Must-Haves

    Before you bring your new cat home, you should prepare all the things that your kitty would need to feel comfortable and easily adapt to his new home. 

    Here are 9 essentials your new purr-baby will need: