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  • 10 Pet Slang Every Fur Parent Should Know

    Have you ever tried giving your floof a boop while he’s in a sploot? What? What’s that again? Yes, you might not understand it but it’s a proper question using pet slang. To keep you up to date, here are 10 Pet Slang Every Fur Parent Should Know :
  • Top 10 Cat Breeds That Are Low Maintenance

    Are you considering getting a pet cat? Make your journey of owning a pet enjoyable by carefully choosing a pet that fits your personality, family, home, and lifestyle. Here are the Top 10 Cat Breeds That Are Low Maintenance:
  • Best Cat Breeds for Your Personality

    There are many kinds of cats. Some are friendly, some are sweet, some don’t want to be bothered, and some just need too much attention. Choose the right companion for you according to your personality to ensure that you and your pet will have a healthy happy relationship. Here are the Best Cat Breeds for Your Personality: 
  • Top 10 Cat Breeds of 2020

    The CFA (Cat Fanciers’ Association), recently named the most popular cat breeds in 2020. Here are the top 10 cat breeds on the list:
  • 10 Fascinating Cat Facts

    Cats are one of the most popular pets in the world. They are mysterious and oftentimes unpredictable which makes them more interesting. They capture our hearts and keep us intrigued and captivated with their enigmatic personalities. To know more about them, here are 10 fascinating cat facts:
  • Reasons Why Your Cat Won’t Eat

    Cats are known to be fussy eaters and there are times that they won’t eat just because they don’t want to. However, if a day passes and your cat is still not eating then this could be a sign of an underlying illness.  
  • Are Essential Oils Safe For Pets?

    Essential oils (EOs) are getting more popular these days. They have a calming effect that can relax you mentally, physically, and emotionally. They are also used to relieve body pains. However, the benefits you get might not be the same for your pet.  Are essential oils safe for pets? 
  • People Foods That Cats Are Allowed To Eat

        “Cats are inquisitive, but hate to admit it.”  - Mason Cooley   Cats are curious and most of the time they are curious to know and taste the ...
  • 12 Lessons In Life You Can Learn From Your Cat

    Cats are often referred to as experts when it comes to living a comfortable and happy life. If you observe your cat carefully, you can learn some amazing life lessons from your feline friend. 
  • 10 Cat Breeds That Look Like Kittens Forever

    Kittens are just so irresistible! They’re cute and playful little angels that could melt anyone’s heart. Unfortunately, kitten-days are short-lived and after a few months, kittens become adults with established preferences and habits.  Adult cats are still cute but nothing can really compare to big innocent eyes, little whiskers, small tails, and tiny paws that kittens have.   
  • Tips On How To Give Your Cat A Good Massage

    A good cat massage can make your furry baby feel relaxed, at ease after being stressed, and have a sense of being more loved. 

    Massaging your pets can stimulate their muscles, nerves, lymphatic and circulatory systems that would then strengthen their movement, boost their supply of oxygen, and helps to wash away pain-causing toxins. Here are some tips on how to give your cat a good massage:  

  • 13 Fruits That Cats Can Eat

    Cats, just like dogs, are carnivorous. It’s necessary that 70% of their diet is meat. Giving your pet cat some fruit treats every now and then is fine but not all fruits are safe for cats. There are fruits that are toxic to them and some can cause severe health damage. Here is a list of fruits that are safe to give to your cat: