Simple Dog Massages You Can Do At Home


 “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” – Josh Billings

Dogs love massages just like humans do and the benefits they get from having a nice relaxing massage is just the same.  

Before you massage your dog make sure that your dog is calm.  You can take a short walk or sit on the sofa and start petting him gently. Let him stand, sit, or lie down in a very comfortable position. Here are some massage techniques that you can do at home:

Forehead rub

The head contains most of the calming acupressure points. Start from the top of the nose and slowly move up to the forehead with the thumb moving in a circling motion. Go back and forth with the same slow circling motion. This kind of massage will not only calm him, but it will also relieve muscle stiffness and stress.  


Ear rub

You probably often give your furbaby an ear rub but you can give him better. First, place your index finger just outside the ear. Then place your thumb on the inner side, right at the base of your pet’s ear flap. Using mild pressure, gently stroke the ear up towards the tip of the ear and end it with a slight pull. This type of massage can help enhance blood circulation. 


Back rub 

Starting at the back of your dog’s head, use very mild pressure to stroke each side of his spine up and down. This type of massage can help him relax, loosen tense muscles, and boost blood circulation. 


Hind legs rub

Start by slowly pressing both of your thumbs on your pet’s thigh and move them in a counter-clockwise motion. Work on the entire muscle using this gentle motion. 


Other areas you can massage:


Dogs suffer from sore or stiff neck too. This is often caused by straining their necks or an injury. If he’s injured, it’s best to bring him to the vet to check how serious it is. If there’s no injury then you can try to check where the sore spot is and gently press your fingers in the sensitive spot.  Draw your fingers towards your palm then release the pressure. Except for the windpipe area, you can do this massage technique all over his neck.  



Dogs sometimes experience stomach discomfort due to parasites, improper diet, overeating, and other causes. You can help your pet by massaging your baby’s tummy with soft circular motions that would stimulate the colon and stop your pooch from having stomach problems.      



Imagine having a hand and foot massage, oooh! It’s the same when you give your pet a paw massage. It will relax him, improve his blood circulation, and you’ll be able to inspect if he is having some paw problems. Start by rubbing the paw pads gently. Then rub each toe and between each pad. You can check the paw thoroughly while doing this. Using your thumb, massage the back of the paw in a circular motion then gently squeeze it in your hands to finish off the massage. Do this on each paw. 



Using a small circular motion with your fingers, gently massage your dog’s chest. Massaging this area can have a calming effect on your dog. It can also be beneficial to blood pressure and heart health. 


When doing these massages, it’s important that you are calm and relaxed as well. Your pet can easily pick up your behavior and will feel uncomfortable if they sense that you are not comfortable. 

Have you tried any of the massages mentioned above? How did your pet like it? Let us know in the comments section below. 


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