Pet Cat Pampering Ideas

“Cats are connoisseurs of comfort” – James Herriot 

Cat parents know very well how our fur babies play a big role in our psychological and physical well-being. It’s only natural to look for ways to give them the pampering they deserve. Here are a few ideas your cat would surely love: 

Fun Activities

Prepare different kinds of toys. Some cats like toys that need their human parent’s participation while some love toys they can throw around and chase by themselves. Give them new toys every once in a while to keep them from being bored with their toys. You can also put away toys they’ve gotten tired of and re-introduce the toys after some time. Cardboard boxes and paper bags are also great in satisfying your cat’s instinct to explore.  


Cats are very vocal about what they want and when they want it. They’ll stand directly in front of you when they want your attention or sit on your lap when they want to be petted. Respond a little late and you’ll surely be ignored. Pamper them by responding to their requests. Don’t worry, they easily get bored and will leave after getting what they want. 

Create Lounging Areas

Cats love to lounge and take a nap in high places like shelves, the top of your fridge, or even your head. This instinct to find elevated areas to take refuge came from their ancestors who used to hide atop tall trees to prey on and not be prey to other animals. Look for places in your home that would be ideal for this need and make perching comfortable by adding a soft blanket or pillow. Your cat will surely love it!



A massage can revitalize the nerves and muscles of your cat. It can stimulate the circulatory system too. Giving your cat a nice massage only takes a few minutes and you can do this while watching the latest episode of your favorite show or while reading a book. This can be relaxing for both of you.

Drinking Fountain

Water is important to keep your cat healthy. Kidney and urinary tract ailments can occur if your cat is often dehydrated.  However, cats don’t have the drive to drink enough. They are also picky with what they drink. They don’t like stagnant water and prefer fresh running water that’s why they usually tap the water bowl before drinking. Encourage them to drink water and make it a pleasurable experience with a drinking fountain.


Special Treats 

Just like humans. Cats can easily get bored with eating the same food all the time. Treats are not just for fun, they can be nourishing too. Make homemade treats to ensure that they will get the proper nutrition they need. You can find so many recipes for homemade goodies on the internet. 


This herb that belongs to the mint family tends to make cats feel euphoric. It makes them happy, Some would run around, rollover, do flips and some would relax and mellow down. Catnip can be used as a tool to make your lazy cat move and do some exercise. You can also use it as a reward after good behavior.

Scratching Posts

Cats are known to love scratching. It helps them in maintaining their claws and they also use it as a means to mark their territory. Their paws have scent glands that enable them to leave their scent behind for other cats or animals to know that they’ve been there. Scratching also makes them feel good as it gives their bodies, claws, and feet a good stretch. They also scratch to relieve stress or to control excitement. With so much scratching going on, you have to make sure that your cat has a designated surface or scratching post to use. 


Do you have other pampering ideas not listed here? Let us know in the comments below!

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