9 New Dog Essentials That Will Make Your Dog Happy

"Always take care of your dog. Even if your world falls apart, he will still be there for you." ෆ


Are you a new dog parent welcoming your first puppy or adopting a new dog? I can imagine how excited you are and how much you are looking forward to daily walks, playtime, cuddles, and kisses. A warm loving relationship starts with a happy and contented dog so before your new fur baby arrives, make sure that you have the following essentials:


Collar with Tag

Collars not only aid you in guiding your dog’s movement during walks or training it can also help in easily finding your dog if they get lost. With the advancement of technology, it’s very common to find household pets with a microchip but nothing beats a dog collar and tag. Just by seeing it, a collar indicates that someone owns the dog and that it’s not a stray. The tag on the collar that contains the dog’s name and your contact details will make it easier for anyone to return him to you.



Although only a few states have strict leash laws, many states have impound laws for loose dogs. These laws usually require a dog to be leashed if in the park, street, and other public areas. Aside from that, the leash makes it easy to control him during walks, prevents your dog from jumping at other people or trespass in other people’s property.  Make sure that the leash you would buy is long enough to let your baby walk ahead, behind, to the side or around without making his neck sore.  


Food & Water Bowl

Do you need a regular bowl or an elevated one? Regular bowls will work well with most dogs unless your dog has a special need then you have to consider getting a specialized bowl. If your dog is large or old and has arthritis, then an elevated bowl is highly recommended as this kind of bowl will prevent your dog from straining his neck. There should be separate bowls for water and food. 



Who doesn’t want to sleep in a warm comfy bed? An adult dog sleeps 12-14 hours a day and puppies spend 18-20 hours sleeping. With such a long amount of time used for sleeping, your dog needs a snuggly, cozy bed to get a good sleep. The bed will keep him warm and it can be his personal space where he can relax, play with his toys, or just hang around. 


Shampoo & Conditioner

A dog’s skin is about half as thick as human skin so never use your own shampoo and conditioner on your dog as it could irritate his skin. Choose a product that’s made specifically for your dog’s skin and coat type. You can get a regular dog shampoo and conditioner or an organic one. Although it’s important to keep your dog clean and smelling fresh, do not bathe them often. Frequent bathing can dry out their skin and cause skin diseases. Consult your vet for the ideal bathing frequency of your dog. 


Grooming Brush or Comb

Aside from making your dog look good, brushing also helps in removing dead hair and dirt, it lessens the hair shedding left on the couch and other furniture, it prevents hair matting, and distribute natural oils all over your dog’s coat. It also serves as a great bonding time that can lower your blood pressure and stress levels


Dog Dental Treats 

Imagine not brushing your teeth, I bet you won’t last a day and feel uncomfortable, awkward, and dirty. Just like humans, dogs can have bad breath, tartar, plaques, and other dental problems too. This is where dog dental treats come in. Chewing dental treats vigorously can lessen the plaque build-up in a dog’s teeth. Dog dental treats can help boost gum and teeth health, stop bad breath, and prevent other oral disorders. 


Dog Food 

Dog foods contain the right nutrients and the right amount needed by your pet to stay healthy. Feeding them anything just to keep them from being hungry is like feeding kids with just chips and candy, they’re full but not necessarily healthy. Wet or dry, choose a dog food that meets your dog’s nutritional needs.


Chew Toys

Dog chew toys are essential to your dog’s well-being. It keeps them from being bored when left alone and prevents behavioral problems like unreasonable barking and improper chewings like chewing shoes or furniture. 

Do you know of other dog essentials not listed here? Let us know in the comments below!

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