9 New Cat Must-Haves


“Kittens are angels with whiskers.” – Alexis Flora Hope


Congratulations on having a new cat! Is it your first time to have a cat? Whether you’re a new cat parent or getting an addition to your feline family, this can be really exciting! Before you bring your new cat home, you should prepare all the things that your kitty would need to feel comfortable and easily adapt to his new home. 

Here are 9 essentials your new purr-baby will need:

Cat bed  

Cats can sleep just about anywhere but they’d still like to have a place of their own, a special napping spot they can go to any time. You’ll find a lot of choices when shopping for a bed. Whatever you choose, make sure that it’s comfortable and warm. Pick a bed that’s large enough for your kitty to stretch and roll around.



Cat food  

There are various types of cat food available. It’s important to ask your cat’s breeder or the pet store/shelter where you got your new pet from what kind of food they fed the cat so you can buy the same. With a lot of new things to get used to, eating the same food would be comforting. A cat should be fed according to his nutritional needs, you can slowly transition to a new diet after your pet has adjusted to his new family.



Cat bowls for food and water  

Clean bowls are a must! Cats are clean freaks and they wouldn’t eat or drink if they think it’s dirty. Also, don’t put their drinking and eating bowls near the litter as they won’t eat in the same place where they relieve themselves. Don’t buy plastic bowls, most cats are allergic to them. Buy stainless steel bowls or ceramic ones. 



Cat litter, tray, and scoop 

Every kitty needs a litter and yours would need one too! Unlike other pets, cats relieve themselves in one place so you don’t have to go around picking up cat poop. 

You need to have a litter box that’s big enough for them to do their business. It should be high enough for them to conveniently get in and out of. Place it in an area with less traffic where they won’t be disturbed. 

You also need to buy cat litter and a scooper. There are different kinds of cat litter in the market, test a few brands and see which one your cat likes best. You need to scoop out waste every day because cats don’t like a smelly and dirty litter box. You should also wash the litter box at least once a week. If you have a multi-level house, a litter box on every floor is highly recommended.  



Cat carrier  

The best way to transport your new pet is with a cat carrier. You can use this when you bring him home for the first time, during trips to the vet, or when traveling. Again, there are various choices. Choose a carrier that has a solid stable bottom, safe and accessible opening, secure latch, a screened window where your cat can look through, and made of durable material. 



Cat toys  

Cats are playful creatures and you can bond with them and get to know each other by playing with toys that are specifically made for cats. Cats love to pounce so toys like balls, a dangling lure, or a rubber mouse would be great to play with and keep them amused for hours. Toys with catnip are also good. Don’t buy toys with small parts that they can accidentally swallow when playing unsupervised. 



Cat scratching post 

Cats love to scratch and they will scratch whether you like it or not! So you might as well give him something to scratch instead of waiting for him to start scratching your furniture. Scratching is beneficial to nail and paw health. It helps remove the dead outer layer of their nails, flex their feet and paws, and stretch their bodies. Choose a scratching post with a solid base that prevents the post from tipping over. It should be tall enough for your cat to stretch his body when standing on his hind legs.

Cat grooming tools 

Since cats are constantly grooming themselves, they can do without a bath. Cats don’t like bathing but there are certain circumstances when they need to take a bath. If they are soiled with something they can’t clean themselves or their hair has become tangled then you need to give them a bath. Use a shampoo made especially for cats, don’t use human shampoo. 

A fine-toothed metal comb or a wire brush is a must! Combing your cat’s coat frequently not only keeps it clean, it will also help lower the amount of hair shedding and lessen the occurrence of hairballs. 

Having a toothbrush, toothpaste, and nail clippers are a huge plus to your kitty’s health and happiness. 



Safety collar with an ID tag

Have a safety collar ready for your cat. It should be a collar with an elastic band that will stretch and let your cat break free in case the collar gets stuck on something. The collar should also have a tag attached to it that has your name and contact details so your cat easily be returned to you if it gets lost. 



Have a purrfect and happy relationship with your new pet. Plan carefully and shop before your furry baby arrives. Check out these tips on how to pamper your favorite feline: Pet Cat Pampering Ideas

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