21 Tips To Be a Better Pet Parent in 2021


  “Animals are sentient, intelligent, perceptive, funny and entertaining. We owe them a duty of care as we do to children.” Michael Morpurgo


Being a pet parent is not easy. You need a lot of patience, dedication, and love in order to live a long harmonious life with your feline friend or your canine companion. Keeping them healthy and happy is your main goal. Here are 21 tips to help you be a better pet parent in 2021:  

Provide a healthy diet 

Maintaining a healthy diet is vital in keeping them healthy and prevent diseases such as obesity that could lead to diabetes. 


Regular vet visit 

Take them to the vet for their annual checkup to make sure that they are healthy and help detect if there’s a problem with their health so it can be addressed before it gets worse. 


Know what they can and can’t eat 

Aside from their cat food or dog food, pets can occasionally consume human food. You just need to know what human foods are safe for cats and dogs. Your furry friend can also eat feline and canine-friendly fruits.


Use the right essential oils 

The benefits you get from essential oils are not the same for your pet. Don’t think that it’s safe for your furry baby just because it’s natural. Know what essential oils are safe for your pet before you use one. 


Exercise regularly 

Aside from maintaining a healthy diet, they should also exercise regularly to stay healthy and control their weight. Increase your playtime with them, buy them toys, and take them for a walk


Understand what your pet is telling you     

Understanding what your pet is trying to tell you and knowing how to respond makes a good pet parent. Cats and dogs like to communicate, you just need to observe their body language, vocal sounds, and actions to know what they want. 


Give them lots of attention 

Just like humans, pets get their feelings hurt when the one they love doesn’t give them attention. Put down your phone, laptop, or whatever you’re doing when it’s their time. 


Keep them safe 

Pets stay indoors most of the time so you have to make sure that they are protected from any pet hazards at home. Make your house pet-friendly to ensure your furry baby’s safety and security. 


Give them a massage regularly 

A good massage can make them feel relaxed, boost their oxygen levels, and other health benefits. Your fluffy feline and cuddly canine will surely love it! 


Keep them cool during summer  

The hot days of summer are tough for these furry friends. Know how to keep your feline fresh and your canine cool during summer.  


Train them to socialize 

Teaching your pet how to socialize will help them be friendly, make friends, and behave properly. Being in regular contact with other pets and other people will help them grow into friendly and confident adults. 


Pamper your pet  

A little pampering every now and then won’t hurt. 


Watch out for separation anxiety 

You’ve been on lockdown with them for a long time and they surely loved it. As you spend more and more time back to work and spend lesser time at home, your furry baby is prone to suffer from separation anxiety. Incessant barking, chewing, and urinating are some of the signs that your pet is stressed. Know more about pet separation anxiety and how to deal with it here.


Be on the lookout for possible skin diseases 

Having a skin disease is one of the reasons why pets are often sent to the vet. A skin disease can also be a manifestation of an underlying health issue. Be on the lookout for common feline and canine skin diseases. 


Take them to the groomers 

Cats groom themselves well but dogs don’t. Take your canine companion to the groomers to get a full treatment. If your cat is up to being groomed then you can take her along. 


Brush them often  

You can give them a daily brushing to feel good and clean. It will also lessen hair shedding around the house 


Get a pet insurance  

Owning a pet can be expensive. It’s highly recommended to get insurance for your pet to help you take care of the vet bills. 


Update their tag/microchip details  

Updating your pet’s tag and microchip info is a must. If you changed your number, moved or your pet lost his tag, having updated details will help you find your pet fast in case it gets lost. 


Stick to a daily schedule  

Cats and dogs are creatures of habit. They like to eat, play, and sleep at the same time. They get stressed, confused, and annoyed when their routine is disrupted. 


Keep them from being bored   

A bored pet is an unhappy pet. So play games with them, buy them toys, and plan activities that they will find interesting. 


Shower them with love 

You are their pet parent and they are your children, Shower them with hugs, kisses, and cuddles to show how much you love them! 

Make 2021 healthy and happy for you and your pet. Happy New Year! 


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