18 Cat Breeds that Get Along Well with Dogs

 “I think having an animal in your life makes you a better human.” Rachael Ray

There are households that love cats and there are households that love dogs. But what if your household loves both? Many think that cats and dogs don’t get along. This may be true in some cases but you can always find a cat that’s compatible with your dog. 

If you already have a pet dog at home and would love to add a pet cat to your family or you're planning to get both at the same time, here are 18 cat breeds that you should consider:


Looking so pretty and perfect with their plush and silky long coat, you probably think that Birman cats are picky, temperamental, and love to keep to themselves. Wrong! Birmans are very friendly and cheerful. They love to give and get lots of affection. 

They have no trouble getting along with other pets. They enjoy playing fetch and tag just like dogs and would love to play with anybody, be it his pet parents, human siblings, or his canine kin. Birmans are intelligent and can follow commands. They can even be taught to behave. They will definitely make a great companion for your dog.    


Maine Coon

Known as a gentle giant, the Maine Coon cat, can weigh up to 12-18 lbs in males and 10-14 lbs in females. They are said to have a heart as big as their size. Maine Coons are friendly, sweet, and easygoing. They are easy to get along with and they love to play. Try throwing a ball and it would surely compete with your dog in fetching the ball. It’s just like having another dog in the family. If trained well, Maine Coons would let you take them out for a walk on a leash. 

American Shorthair

Smart, loving, calm, and carefree. American Shorthair cats can live harmoniously with other pets including dogs. They are quite submissive but are confident enough to stand their ground around their canines companions. Very social and playful, this cat would get along well with families who have kids and dogs. 


Loyal, affectionate, and outgoing, Abyssinians are known to get along with other cats, dogs, birds, and other animals. They are active and playful. They love playing fetch and are willing to be leash trained. 

Japanese Bobtail

A very sociable cat that’s very affectionate and playful, the Japnese Bobtail is the perfect playmate for kids and dogs. Bobtails enjoy splashing water, fetching toys, and enjoy doing fun activities with everyone.   

Norwegian Forest Cat

Huge and muscular, the Norwegian Forest Cat looks so much like the Maine Coon. Just like their look-a-like, Wegies are calm, easygoing, cheerful, and can adapt easily to their surroundings.  


Large kitties but gentle, Ragdolls act so much like a dog and are often called puppy dogs. Like dogs, Ragdolls love following people around, greeting their humans at the door, and play fetch. They’re great with kids and other pets including dogs.  


Another cat breed that’s known to act like dogs, the Bombay is a very energetic cat that loves to play all kinds of games. Bombays are very loving and would often greet visitors enthusiastically. Expect them to form a strong bond with the whole family including your dog. They enjoy showing and accepting affection.


Playful, affectionate, and easy to get along with, Siberians enjoy interacting with fellow pets and humans. They are very curious and love going on adventures. They are also very self-confident and would probably be the boss of all pets in no time.   


Loving, sociable, and energetic, the Tonkinese enjoys being with his family. They goof around a lot and are very funny. They love playing fetch and like spending time with their dog friends. 

Turkish Angora

Clever and energetic, the Turkish Angora is a born leader and would rule over all pets before you know it. However, being the leader won’t stop his funny side from playing pranks on his canine brothers and sisters. 


Just like the Abyssinians, Burmese cats are known for exhibiting loyalty like that of a dog’s. They are also very smart and tend to follow every move their owners make. Burmese cats can be very vocal with what they want and wouldn’t hesitate to let you know if they are not satisfied. They are a great choice for pet parents with a very active puppy. They also respond well to leash training. 

Turkish Van

Does your dog love to play in the water? Then the Turkish Van is just the right playmate for him. Turkish Vans are lively and enthusiastic. They get along well with dogs and love playing fetch. They are also known as “swimming cats” for their love for water plus their water-resistant coat makes it easy for them to swim. 


Loyal, affectionate, and energetic, these unusual-looking cats love getting attention from their humans and pet siblings. Their exuberance and playfulness make them great playmates for your fun-loving puppy.


Easygoing and affectionate, Ragamuffins are large cats that love cuddles and get along well with everyone in the family. They are intelligent and very energetic making them wonderful companions for dogs to play with.

Siamese Cat

Outgoing and energetic, Siamese cats can easily make friends with other cats and dogs. They are very vocal with what they want and wouldn’t hesitate to let you know. They are playful and love playing fetch and learning tricks. You can train them along with your dog. 

Bengal Cat

Friendly and lively, Bengal cats have an abundant supply of energy that is at par with that of highly spirited dogs, cats, and children. They have a strong desire to hunt for prey, though so if you have small pets like hamsters then this breed is not suitable for you.


Best known for being tailless, the Manx is a friendly and affectionate cat that will get along well with the whole family. Like dogs, they respond to whistles and would come when their name is called.   



No matter which breed you choose, always remember that it’s very important to slowly introduce your new pet cat to your dog and let them get to know each other at their own pace.  

Another thing to remember, animal shelters have various cat breeds available for adoption. Give them a visit and your next fur baby might just be there waiting for you.  

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