12 Wonderful Life Lessons Your Dog Can Teach You


 "No one appreciates the very special genius of your conversation as the dog does.” – Christopher Morley


Dogs are not just pets, they can be your family, friend, and companion. Although they need to be trained while they are still puppies, we can learn a lot of life lessons from them. 

Being mindful 

We have a tendency to multi-task, doing two to three things at a time. Our minds are always on something else while we are doing something. With so many things happening and so many thoughts running in our head, we barely notice what’s going on around us. 

Dogs are different, when they eat they focus on eating. When they play, they play with all their might. Whenever they are doing something they do just that and they do it well. Like dogs, we should also learn to live for the moment and enjoy it.


Being thankful and appreciative

Dogs are always happy and thankful. You come home from work and they jump around. You take them for a walk and they can’t stop wagging their tail. Give them food and they act like it’s the best thing ever. Humans on the other hand take little pleasures for granted and do not appreciate them. 


Leaving the past behind 

You must have watched dog rescue videos where the dog is aggressive or fearful after suffering but they are eventually healed after receiving love and kindness. They become gentle, trusting, and loving creatures. Humans can also conquer their fears and insecurities through love and kindness. 


Loving unconditionally 

Anyone who owns a dog would know this. Dogs don’t ask anything in return for their love. They just give it freely. Shouldn’t humans also love like that?  


Being loyal and reliable 

Dogs go in packs. They stay together, play together, and protect each other. As members of the human pack, we shouldn’t do unto others what we don’t want to be done to us. Be a loyal and reliable sibling, parent, partner, or friend. 


Having faith 

Dogs truly know what it means to keep the faith. Like when a dog gets all excited for a special treat but he doesn’t get it. He’ll just get excited again when he thinks the opportunity is there. No matter how many times dogs get disappointed, they would never lose hope, still look forward to it and get excited. 



Humans are often not satisfied with who they are and what they have. We spend time comparing ourselves to others and wishing we have those amazing abs, fair skin, tall height, and other features we think would make us perfect. Can you imagine dogs doing that? Nope, they just go on with their lives and do what they can with what they have. 


Enjoying the ride

Every time dogs go for a ride, they would stick their head out of the window to smell the air and feel the breeze. They don’t know where they’re going and they don’t care. They’re just enjoying the ride. Humans on the other hand tend to worry when they don’t know what’s the outcome. We are so concerned with the details, data, and information that we forget to enjoy the journey and learn from it.   


Staying hydrated 

Dogs drink when they are thirsty. They just drop whatever they’re doing and drink. We should be like them and keep ourselves hydrated. Often times, we would wait to finish what we are doing before getting a drink of water, we sometimes even forget to drink. We all know that drinking the right amount of water each day is crucial to our health. 


Love for walking 

Dogs love to take a walk, they sometimes even beg for it. Walking has a lot of benefits and it would be good for humans to also have a love for walking. 



Not being judgemental

Dogs don’t care about our skin color, gender, and sexual orientation. They just care about their humans, period! They base their love on favorable actions and traits.   


You don’t have to be blood-related to be family 

Dogs treat those who love them and treat them as part of the family their family. People don’t have to be related by blood to be family too. 


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