12 Lessons In Life You Can Learn From Your Cat


Cats are often referred to as experts when it comes to living a comfortable and happy life. If you observe your cat carefully, you can learn some amazing life lessons from your feline friend. 


Love yourself

Cats love grooming themselves and always look their best when you see them. Humans should also focus on grooming and hygiene. 


Eat well, drink lots

Cats eat little meals throughout the day and they only eat when they are hungry. They also drink lots of water. We humans, often eat more than we should especially when we are doing something else at the same time. We should focus on what we eat and drink lots of water. 



Let go of the past

Cats, like dogs, can also let go of their past sufferings and start to trust and accept love when they are showered with love and kindness. We, on the other hand, have a tendency to hold grudges, live in fear and distrust, and push away other people who want to help us or get close to us. 


Show your love

Cats won’t hesitate when they want to show they love you and they also wouldn’t hesitate to ask to be loved back. A sweet meow, a gentle purr, some snuggles, a soft head butt, or just simply sitting beside you, cats will never hold back their feelings to show how much they love you. We should learn to be open and love freely like that.


Stretching is great

Cats love to stretch. Stretching keeps them lithe and flexible. It keeps them alert and awake. Stretching is good for humans too.  


It’s the thought that counts

Cats often gift their humans a dead mouse, bird, or any other dead prey (that they think so highly of) to show their love. Humans have so many things to consider before giving a gift. Will she like it? Is it expensive enough? Is it good enough? Is it the right gift? We should stop and remember that it’s the thought that counts and not the gift.


Be cautious 

Cats are very cautious creatures. They carefully assess the situation before they take a step or a leap. It would be good if humans learn how to be this cautious too.  


Be attentive

Cats always have their attention on what’s going on around them. They stop whatever they’re doing and stare with perked ears when they sense something. Even when taking a nap, cats are still attentive that even the slightest movement will make their ears twitch. We should learn how to focus and be attentive to what’s happening around us and listen so we don’t miss anything important.    


Be mindful

Cats do what they want to do when they want to do it and they focus all their attention on doing that task before moving on to the next one. Unlike cats, humans put so many restrictions on what to do and what not to do. We do multiple tasks at the same time and forget to live for the moment. 


Reach your goals

Cats like jumping up to high places or squeezing at tight spots. They don’t stop until they succeed. Even if they fail so many times, they just go back and do it again. Humans should learn from their tenaciousness in reaching their goals. 


Have fun

Cats can have fun with just a piece of string or a cardboard box. They would run around and jump here and there. Humans should also take time out of their busy schedules and have fun. Having fun can help lessen stress, improve your memory, boost your energy, and make you feel young again.


Get lots of sleep

Cats like to sleep a lot and you should too! Some of the benefits of optimum sleep are an enhanced immune system, increased productivity, and better sleep. 


There are plenty of things we can learn from our feline friends, we just need to take some time and learn from them. 


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