10 Cat Breeds That Look Like Kittens Forever


 “What greater gift than the love of a cat.” - Charles Dickens


Kittens are just so irresistible! They’re cute and playful little angels that could melt anyone’s heart. Unfortunately, kitten-days are short-lived and after a few months, kittens become adults with established preferences and habits.  Adult cats are still cute but nothing can really compare to big innocent eyes, little whiskers, small tails, and tiny paws that kittens have.    

If you want a furbaby that still looks like a kitten after it has grown, here are 10 cat breeds that look like kittens forever:    


Being just half the size of a normal cat, the Singapura is one of the smallest cat breeds in the world. They maintain their kitten size up until adulthood and beyond. They usually weigh 5 pounds or less and they have small and delicate bodies. They may be small but they are very nimble. They are friendly, playful, smart and they love to snuggle.   


Known for their short legs and small size, Munchkins are one of the most popular small cat breeds. Their small size is caused by a gene mutation that makes their legs stubbier and their bodies smaller than that of regular cats. This is the reason why they amble adorably when they walk. They may not be able to jump up high like normal cats but munchkins are very energetic and fast when they move.   

American Curl

Most popular for their ears that curl backward, the American Curl comes in different sizes but mostly on the tiny side. They have a very loving and playful temperament which makes them ideal for families with kids. 

Cornish Rex

Known for their soft curly coat, the Cornish Rex has big ears and small built. They don’t shed as much as other cats because they only have down hair. They are energetic and very loving, a perfect companion for playing and cuddling.   

Devon Rex

Just like its relative the Cornish Rex, the Devon Rex has the same big ears, small built, and super soft coat but not as curly. It loves to have everyone’s attention, loves human interaction, and is super friendly. 


Not as small as the first six but Siamese cats are very slender, supple, and lightweight. They are outgoing, energetic, friendly, and very vocal.   


Just like a long-haired version of the Siamese, the Balinese are just as agile and light. They are friendly, playful, smart, and a little less vocal than the Siamese.  


A new breed that is said to be a combination of the Munchkin, American Curl, and Sphynx. You can just imagine how small this breed can be. They have short legs, no hair, and ears that curl backward. The name Dwelf is a combination of the words dwarf and elf as the Dwelf is short like a dwarf with ears that are elf-like.  


Without any fur, you can clearly see that the Sphynx has a very slim figure. They only weigh up to 12 pounds. They are energetic, loving, and loyal. 

Turkish Angora

Under all that hair, the Turkish Angora has a slim body that only weighs 5 to 9 pounds. They are smart, energetic, and playful.  

Do you have a cat that seems to be forever young? Let us know in the comments below. 

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